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Looking for online Spanish tuition? Find here some easily accessible resources to develop the four basic skills required when you learn a language: speaking, reading, listening and writing. Spanish lessons through Skype are available in a flexible schedule.

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We offer Spanish lessons by Skype or Google Hangout. From your office, your home or even traveling! From beginners to advanced, teaching is available 7 days a week, any time any where!

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Our philosophy of teaching is focused on the student as the center of the learning process.  Our goal is to help you being independent and keep your wish to learn along your life!

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Courses and workshops for teachers and students of Spanish (ELE). Enroll to our summer courses online, with native teachers and permanent assistance in your homework!

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Look at the drop-down menu above named SPANISH CULTURE and explore the island. Keep learning Spanish any time, any where!

You can visit and explore:

La Biblioteca where you can find recommendations sorted by levels.
Historias y Leyendas, a place where you find storytelling about Spain and South America.
El Restaurante, if you want to follow some traditional recipes from Spain.
El Museo, to meet some Spanish artists.
Los Viajes to hop on the plane and get some ideas of places to visit around Spain and South America!

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