Julia Morer | Native Spanish teacher

I was born in Zaragoza in 1983. At the age of 18 I moved to Madrid to study Journalism. This changed my life drastically because in Madrid we formed a family-like friendship circle. There a new life unfolded and we all formed friendships that would last forever in the capital of rising dreams and youth, a city that we will always remember for giving us everything to realise our dreams.

After University, I decided to continue my education in specific areas of communication – photography and web design–. After that I found a job I was passionate about: editorial layout (when I was a child I used to make my own hand-made magazines and collages). At that time, Spain was definitely an excellent place to work in any area one felt one was skillfull in. I stayed with the same editorial for 6 years.

That was the period when I started to think of creating something on my own, since working under other’s supervision didn’t completely satisfy me. That was the moment when El Pez Globo (The Pufferfish) appeared, an ongoing project shared with some partners (good friends, all them great in many ways). This project reminds us who we are everytime we forget how important it is to create something on our own and unique.

I joined a course in Cultural Management in the Cultural and Arts Industries Management’s Postgraduate program, but the real knowledge comes with real experience, which to me was my contribution to El Pez.

In that time, Barrio de las Letras’ district in Madrid was not only my home but a place of continuous inspiration as it was full of art. “El Pez Globo” was a witness of an emerging new wave of artists hungry to devour the whole Madrid. And in fact, they were the new brains of a bustling city, separated and distanced from the big Art Market.

Language is the queen of communication skills

So… why Spanish teaching? After finished my time in the Editorial I thought… why can’t Literature and Language, arts in general, become my day job instead of being just my passion? And so it goes. I got a Certificate in Teaching Languages to Adults – CLTA: Spanish and I found out I could be very happy sharing my knowledge about our language and culture with others around the world. Teaching is one of the most gratifying jobs a human can ever do. Language is the queen of communication skills and it keeps on changing everyday. It is so wonderful to see how more and more people are interested in learning Spanish.


If I have a journalist inside me it is just because of my deep interest in writing and reading. Without them, I am nothing. Both are skills that allow me to be what I am. Besides my father and my mother, books are the best teachers I have ever had. In my everyday teaching practice I use them as an important tool for my students. Spanish and Southamerican Literature throughout history until today has reached a large audience. It has given us treasures like Borges, Bolaño, Bioy Casares, Cortázar, Enrique Vila-Matas o Rodrigo Fresán. All of them changed my life and they are examples of how widespread is the Spanish Language and Culture around the world.

They say “dream is destiny” and it reminds me of playing a teacher’s character as a child, now I have moved to a real teacher as an adult. My passion about teaching is what comes from my inner self.

I have created this website in order to be contacted not only by students who come over to my place to have live lessons, but also for those who are not able to come over and prefer to learn through the Internet instead.

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