How this website works? Spanish Grammar

Hello to all my friends and students:

Today I want to explain how this website works. As you can see in the Home Menu there a few labels where you can start your Spanish learning. Apart from the option of booking Spanish classes either via Skype or private lessons, I offer free access to Grammar resources to every visitors’ profile:

– Students who are already attending my lessons and want to complete some theory or review some grammar topics.

– People that already have a good level in Spanish and they want to follow my Spanish learning blog and keep learning without schedule, from the computer, tablet or smartphone.

– Teachers like me who are looking for some material on Internet to complete their lessons.

To all of you, I will be posting very often in order to keep you updated with all the new subjects and topics that are coming up. Languages keep on changing everyday, so we must be on alert. 🙂
Also if you have an idea of any topic you want to go deep in to, you can mail me and tell me about your proposal. All the contributions are welcome!

All the posts in label “Grammar Basics” are sorted by levels. From A1 to C2, I follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to classify all these contents.

"Sin Título" - Chema Madoz
“Sin Título” – Chema Madoz

Since I don’t know if the visitor is a beginner or an intermediate student, I decided to write all posts in both languages: Spanish and English. Spanish for those who either have a good level of Spanish already or want to immerse totally in the foreign language since the very beginning. Also all the contents are available in English too, making Spanish Grammar easier to understand for everyone.

If you are not sure about your Spanish level contact me and I will text your level for free.

See you in future posts… 🙂

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