Why study Spanish via Skype?

Thanks to Internet now we can say we have the power to contact everybody almost every time we want. In fact, this is not always a positive thing, but it’s a huge step for teachers and students. Finally we can be connected from everywhere and anytime! Study Spanish via Skype is a very flexible option to start learning or to practice a foreign language. I totally believe that Conversation is the key when you learn a foreign language: the most important thing is to be understood and to be able to understand the others. I like to teach Spanish with useful perspective: to deal with normal situations from the very first moment. Nowadays if you ask people what they like more in life most of them they will say: traveling. Traveling is an universal passion and indeed we need languages to travel.


Flexible, Affordable, Convenient and Effective! 🙂 

From the convenience of your home or office you now have the easiness to start studying Spanish or practice in order to improve your level. Here in this website you will find affordable interactive online Spanish lesson for you. And I explain these last two words: for you. Lessons are tailor made and one to one via Skype or Google Hangout with an everyday support: I am not only a teacher, but a tutor. You will have instant feedback and after each lesson I will send you an email with a constructive feedback too. So either if you are beginner or you want to take your current Spanish to another level, I prepare lessons focusing on your goals or purpose: traveling, working, exam preparation, express courses or only conversation. Customized lessons catering every level!


Spanish lessons via Skype or Google Hangout are the cheapest option I offer. Prices start from €12 per lesson if you book a pack. I am experienced native-speaking teacher and certified Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) Teacher. I promise you won’t miss motivation from my side! I am available seven days a week via Skype or Google Hangout.

I also offer (and recommend) a free trial lesson before any commitment. Meet the teacher first and sing up for your free lesson now!


Study Spanish via Skype it couldn’t be more convenient! And it’s fun! Are you gonna miss it? 🙂
Download either Google Hangout or Skype to start lesson via videoconference!

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